Jonny White

Illustrator, Technician and Adrenaline Junky


A VW air cooled enthusiast since the early 1980s, self taught Volkswagen engine builder starting in 1984, I built my first Baja when 15 and have been doing ever since! I am a hard working and conscientious person; As an employee I like to add value to all areas of any business and am able to understand concerns of both colleagues and stakeholders. I draw on my broad experience but am always open to new ideas and look to many areas of life for my inspiration. I enjoy new challenges and meeting new people; I enjoy cycling, drag racing, classic VWs, hot-rods and travelling. As a family we spend most of our spare time visiting friends and family who are spread worldwide, visiting car shows and drag race events. I enjoy designing and creating parts for my race car using a wide range of workshop and metal working equipment.
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