1600cc T1 Performance Cylinder heads for sale folks.


MOFOCO 041 T1/T2 Brand New Pair.

Approved for unleaded, plain old petrol station fuel! Also safely runs with leaded, aviation, and racing fuels without modification.

39mm Intake Valve 32mm Exhaust valve - 48cc No Step Combustion Chambers - Heavy Duty Springs - Aircraft Casting Technology from a foundry in Manitowac, Wisconsin - Smoother Port Design for Better Flow - Thicker Port Walls & Larger Intake Face - 3/4 Inch Reach Spark Plugs - More Cooling Fins than the competition - Thicker & Stronger Thicker Combustion Chamber Ceiling - Silicon Brass Valve Guides - Three Angle Valve - Job Machined on CNC-NC Milling Machines - 85.5 - 87mm - Can be delivered or collected.

£550.00  RRP: £750

(+£30 without insurance ) (+£48 with insurance)

Please ask if you have any questions . Bank transfer or cash on delivery. Also take Crypto!!

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