2165cc Motor build for a friends Porsche 356 Outlaw


Creating an engine with a specific HP request is always an interest challenge. Dave wanted a engine that would compliment the styling of an original Porsche 356 customized to outlaw spec. He also wanted to use the original gearbox that has been previously upgraded. So he requested 160hp limit. 

Below I've loaded some of the build pictures that hopefully illustrates the work that goes into blueprinting an engine of this type. From checking the balance on the conrods, torqueing ARP bolts according to the manufactures stretch spec and checking the CC of the combustion chamber within the head are carried out while building a performance aircooled engine.

If you have any questions regarding this process then please drop me a line. I'll load the engine spec shortly. 

  • DPR forged crankshaft 78mm x 94mm  = 2165cc
  • H beam 5400 with arp 2000 bolt set
  • B&P's Mahle forged stroker piston kit
  • Web # 86B cam
  • 1.40 ratio rocker arm kit
  • Mag VW OEM case, machined ready, shuffle pin on centre mains, full flowed etc
  • Moressa parkerised coated lifters
  • Straight cut  cam gears
  • EMPI cnc ported 42 x 37.5 with D port heads 
  • Weber 44 IDF, Idle Jet 55, Emulsion Tube F16, Main Jet 145, Air Correction 160
  • 26mm full flow ready Shadeck oil pump 
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