The 'Huns' 2276cc turbo motor


When deciding on a powerplant for my street/strip Beetle I decided to start with a goal of 200hp. Having previously built a motor with 152hp and achieved a quarter mile time of 13.52 seconds 200hp seemed possible with either a turbo or nitrous oxide. I also wanted the Beetle to be drivable on the road comfortably. I had some good quality performance parts in stock so that also dictated some of the build specification!

I had a DPR 82mm VW journal crank with matching wedgemated 12lb flywheel so that would be the heart of the motor. I went for Mahle 94mm B&P's with total seal rings. A new Ally case, which was shuffle pinned, full flowed, filled No.3 and used a BMW centre main bearing was purchased, so I set to work. 

The case was checked/blueprinted, Oil gallery plugs removed so that the case could be cleaned. The crank assembly was checked and the CB 5.4" H beams were fitted. ARP bolts checked to stretch bolt tolerances and lash etc.  

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