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I've been a VW aircooled enthusiast since the early 1980s, self taught Volkswagen engine builder starting in 1984, I built my first Baja when I was 15, I'm still learning and enjoying the challenges that modifying 50 year old technology brings.

I do take on VW air cooled engine builds or can assemble an engine from parts supplied by you. Drop me a line to discuss your needs.

I also occasionally have engines for sale, either on here or on Ebay

Jonny White

Air-cooled Enthusiast

Currently I work as Senior Technician with Moss Jaguar with a passion for Aircooled VW's, Hotrods, classic cars and motorcycles.  I build and race my own cars but occasionally build and supply VW motors to other enthusiasts. 

This is my first Baja build in 1988.

Me in the lanes at Santapod 2019

My work space with the new car, ready to modify. 

Having fun in the Glamis desert USA

Davey asked me to blueprint this used engine block for him as he wanted to build a warmed up 1600cc unit as a spare for one of his vans. The case turned out to be pretty good, which is getting rare these days. It only needs a first align bore to 65.5mm as the centre main saddle has some pounding from the bearing and is 0.2 mm out of true. ...

I had this in the parts bin for years, so as a side line project decided to go through it and completely rebuild it. It was in pretty good shape as I think I bought it over from the states some years ago. I had the body vapour blasted locally and fitted a Weber rebuild kit. Some of the...

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